Amexio API v5.6 Release Feb 16, 2019

High Performance and High Quality Codebase.


With v5.6.x release we enhanced the Accessibility support with ARIA 1.1 support, and augmented the Layout capabilities by introducing CSS3 Grid, Social Media logins, Creative Cards and with more powerful D3 charts and UI Components taking the total components to 140+. 

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  • Responsive Web Design
  • 140+ UI Components
  • 80+ Additional UI Features
  • Template Driven Forms & Reactive Forms
  • Powerful Layouts, CSS3 Grids
  • Drag and Drop Components
  • 70+ Built-in Themes / Material Design 
  • Contextual Menus 
  • D3 Charts (14)
  • Drillable / Zoomable Charts
  • SASS
  • Charts, Gauges, Dashboards
  • Server Side Rendering
  • Material Design Support
  • Free and Open Source

API Docs


  • Angular 6 Support
  • Demo App and API Docs Completely built using the current Amexio Release
  • Demo, API Reference, Source, Sandbox - Live editing and texting of sample code base
  • Amexio API is based on Apache 2 License
  • Its Open Source and Free for commercial use.

Amexio Drillable / Zoomable Charts

  • With v5.5 we introduce Amexio Zoomable charts for D3 Charts
  • Drillable Charts with Single Target and Multiple Target
  • With v5.6 we added Creative Cards, Amexio Badge and more support for Accessibility. 

Checkout Amexio Roadmap for Details

Amexio Canvas v1 RC6 Dec 28th, 2018


Amexio Suite of Products

Amexio API


With more than 140+ UI Components the #1 Angular UI Library.

API Docs

Amexio Canvas


The best in class Drag and Drop Angular UI development platform. 


Amexio Plugins


Powers up the performances of your Visual Studio Code and Atom Editor.

Visual Studio Code

Amexio Colors

Amexio Colors for building the themes

Fully Automated theme builder. The theme builder which understands the right colors for you. Out of the box 50+ Material Design Themes.

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Amexio API Source Code


Amexio API (built-on Angular) is Open Source and Free and based on Apache 2 License. It will always remain open source!

Source Code

Quality Assurance


Amexio Suite of products goes through very strict quality standards. It focuses on the Reliability, Security and Maintainability of the code base.

Quality Dashboard

Amexio Architecture


Launching Amexio v6.0 in Feb 2019 with more support on Accessibility requirements along with a new Creative Edition.

Amexio Enterprise Edition (EE) Features


Business Specific Components

Enterprise Edition is classified into following categories

  • Media (Released with v3.0)
  • Health
  • E-Commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics


Media UI Components

To demonstrate the Enterprise Edition Capabilities under the Media Section, following advanced components are released in Amexio v3.0

Amexio Enterprise Edition / Media

  1. Vertical Magnifier Carousel 
  2. Horizontal Magnifier Carousel
  3. Detail Section for the Selected Item from above Carousel.


Enterprise Premium Edition

We will be working with our technology partners to create Advanced Enterprise UI Components exclusively for a  business vertical solving a specific business problem.

For more details Contact Us.

Amexio v5.0 Enterprise Edition

  • Amexio (Angular MetaMagic EXtensions for Inputs and Outputs)  is a rich set of (Google) Angular 6 UI  components  powered by Responsive Design along with Google Material Design Support and Amexio based Themes support.
  • We provide different modules (charts, maps, ui components etc) as an import for using our rich set of 85+ Components and can be easily configured and implemented in a project. Check out the Amexio UI Library for Standard Edition Demo, Enterprise Edition Demo and API documentation.

Enterprise Edition Demo

Amexio Standard Edition (SE) Features

Responsive Design


Angular 6 UI Components with  Responsive design enabled by default. Checkout Amexio Features.



For a large JavaScript project, adopting TypeScript might result in more robust software, while still being deployable where a regular JavaScript application would run.

Amexio UI Components


Amexio Varanasi v1.0 is our first release (June 7) with almost 30 UI Components. With the v5.4 release in Nov 2018, we touched 140+ UI Components. Checkout our RoadMap.

Amexio Charts


Charts based on Angular platform will have all the basic chart types like Bar,  Pie, Line, Stacked bar, Bubble Charts etc.  Checkout our Roadmap for release plans.

Amexio Dashboards


Amexio Dashboards will contain Gauges, Data Point Widgets, Data Point Charts, with built-in Dashboard Templates. Checkout our Roadmap for the announcement of this feature release.

Amexio Maps


Maps will help you plot your enterprise data on Maps. Checkout our Roadmap for the announcement of this feature release.

London & Lisbon - 2017

Angular Connect London Nov 7-8


Checkout the Amexio Brochure in the Delegate bag and lot prizes to Win.

  • Amexio Canvas Prizes  
  • 1 Diamond Prize - Amexio Canvas EE 1 yr Subscription
  • 3 Gold Prize - Amexio Canvas EE 6 months Subscription
  • 3 Silver Prize - Amexio Canvas EE 3 months Subscription
  • All the subscription will start from April 15th, 2018

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Web Summit, Lisbon, Nov 6-9


  • Launching Amexio Canvas in Web Summit on Nov 8th, 2017

    Amexio Canvas built on Desire3D Platform is a Drag and Drop Development Environment to create powerful web based Single page Apps for Web, Android and iOS Devices.  
  • Canvas is a Web based app on pay per use Subscription model. 
  • Checkout the pricing page for more details and to know more about features checkout the Canvas page.  

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Web Summit Lisbon Nov 6-9 2017

Launching Amexio Canvas PE v1.0


MetaMagic Global Selected for the Alpha Startup stream in Web Summit, Nov 6-9, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal. Launched Blue Qube 3 - Amexio Canvas in Lisbon, Portugal.


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