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Amexio API

Amexio Angular 6 API for your Web and Smart Device Apps. Free &  Open sourced based on Apache 2 License.

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Amexio Demo

Amexio Demo Apps with Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition features with examples on all the 70+ supported themes.

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Amexio Features

Complete List of Amexio Features that includes UI Components, Charts, Dashboards, Layouts etc.

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We will focus on new features planned for the API set. The release of features may change due to market demand.

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Download Amexio

Amexio Download instructions from npm and other details on installing Amexio API for your project. 


Source Code

Amexio Code is Open Sourced based on Apache 2 License and its completely free for both Standard and Enterprise Edition. 


Amexio API License - Apache 2

Amexio Open Source License
Amexio Open Source License

Amexio API License is based on Apache 2 License