Amexio Canvas - Angular UI Automation

Amexio Canvas (beta)

Amexio Canvas is Drag and Drop IDE to create Fully Responsive Web, Android, and iOS Apps. Canvas is based on two fundamental pillars. The first pillar of Canvas is Amexio API (120+ UI Components), the best Angular based UI Component library and the 2nd pillar of Canvas is the Logic Flow to write your UI based business logic. Some of the key features of the Canvas are Hot Deployment for live testing, out of the box 50+ Material Design and commit your code to the private or public Git repository. 

Amexio Canvas is built on Desire3D Platform. The Desire 3D platform is based on two primary concepts. The first concept is Design Pipeline and the 2nd Concept is Code Pipeline. Desire 3D is built on 20+ microservices with many different databases (includes NoSQL and Relational Databases) behind the scene. Other products on Desire 3D platform is Microservices Automation Platform and Blockchain Automation platform.


Sign up Amexio Canvas PE (Personal Edition) for 2 months of FREE evaluation. In these two months, you are allowed to create 'n' number of Web Apps. In the Eval period, your code will be committed to Github public repository.

Two Primary Pillars of Canvas

Amexio API

Amexio API is the best in class Angular based UI Library with more 120+ UI components and 50+ Material Design Themes and Responsive Web Design baked in with highest code quality standards. 

  • Angular 6 Support
  • 120+ UI Components
  • Drag & Drop Components
  • Right Click Menus
  • Responsive Web Design
  • 57 Material Design Themes
  • Charts / Maps / Dashboard / Layouts

Logic Flow

Canvas Logic Flow is the 2nd critical pillar of Amexio Canvas after the robust Amexio API. Logic Flow is focused on writing your Client side business logic using an intuitive Drag and Drop Interface. 

Logic Flow is built on Behaviour Driven Design construct of Given-When-Then. There are three classes of Logic Blocks in Canvas Logic Flow Module. 

  • Function Blocks
  • Data Blocks
  • Communication Blocks

Amexio Canvas Editions

Personal Edition

Create Fully Responsive Web Applications using Google Material Design Themes - More than 50+ Material Design Theme Support. 

Standard Edition

Platform to create your web and Smart Device Applications including Progressive Web Applications. SE focuses on fast tracking your web application development based on Amexio API.

Enterprise Edition

Complete Mobile Application Development platform to create Web, Android and iOS based Apps. Built it templates to fast track your development.

Amexio Canvas History


MetaMagic is a Microservices and Blockchain Automation platform company, to develop our product, we were searching for an enterprise-class HTML5 UI Library and could not find any that would truly meet our needs comprehensively and efficiently. We realized we needed to build our own UI components library using Angular (from Google) around Q2 2017 and decided to have a robust Angular based UI Components Library that includes, UI Components, Charts, Material Design support and Responsive Design baked in. 

Our effort to build this library resulted in Amexio API with 120+ UI Components and an additional 70+ UI Features, Charts. Gauges, Dashboards, 50+ Material Design Themes and Responsive web Design baked in. Microservices and Blockchain Automation Platform consists of complex Design UI's which we can call canvases, for example, UI Canvas (Amexio Canvas), Web Service Canvas, Business Logic Canvas, Data Layer Canvas, External Integration Canvas etc. 

While Amexio API is based on Apache 2 License, its open source and free, Amexio Canvas is subscription based. Our first canvas towards building our Microservices Automation Platform (Droit Studio – which consists of multiple such canvases). 

Developer Productivity

Amexio Canvas is Completely built using Amexio API library based on Angular. Canvas is a powerful drag and drop environment to fast track your development.

Amexio Canvas increases the developer productivity exponentially as now the developers can create enterprise-class UI’s for Web and Smart Device Apps using Material Design themes and responsive layouts to support multiple form factors without writing a single line of code.  Check out the Amexio API to experience the rich set of UI Components available in Canvas.