Themes based on Amexio Colors

Amexio Colors Autogenerates Material Design based Themes. Out of the box, there are 55+ Material Design based themes available apart from that there is 16 custom (Amexio) Themes also.

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Amexio Colors API

Amexio Colors API is available for the developers to build their on themes or use the API to handle various color combinations and derive new colors based on the fundamental colors. 

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Amexio Colors CLI

Amexio Colors CLI is for the Angular developers to create Material Design based themes. CLI can be installed using npm. 

$ npm install -g amexio-colors


Autogeneration of Themes using CLI

With 2 color inputs Amexio Color CLI auto generated around 40 themes in less than 10 seconds. Each theme with more than half a dozen color variations for different component properties, like hover effect, Font Colors, Selected items, Active and In-Active States of the Components.

Source Code

Material Design Themes

Material Design Saphire

Material Design Gold Amber

Material Design Maya

Material Design Ginger Bread

Material Design Prussian

Amexio Themes

Byzantine Crystal

Royal Bengal Tiger


Forrest Kelly

Honey Prussian

Spicy Apricot

Ocean Blue

Persian Laguna