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AngularConnect is a 2-day, multi-track conference featuring the world’s leading Angular experts, including the core Angular team at Google.

Angular Connect - Amexio Prizes



Amexio Canvas Enterprise Edition 

1 Year Subscription $5,280/-



Amexio Canvas Enterprise Edition 

6 months Subscription $2,640/-



Amexio Canvas Enterprise Edition 

3 months Subscription $1,320/-

Total Prize Money = $17160

Amexio team thanks the extra ordinary support from the Angular Connect, London Team.

Amexio Canvas


Amexio Canvas Standard Edition

Amexio Canvas is web based platform to build the Responsive User Interface with Material Design or Bootstrap based themes for your web based Apps as well as Smart Device (Android and iOS) Apps. 

Amexio Canvas is built on top of Amexio API which is based on Angular 4 platform powered by Bootstrap for Responsive Design. 


Amexio Canvas Enterprise Edition

Amexio Canvas Enterprise Edition includes all the features of Standard Edition.  The focus on of the Enterprise Edition is to take care the entire spectrum of  Mobile App Development Platform.

Using a Drag and Drop interface you can design and build your Web and Smart Device Apps. Android binaries will be build in Amexio Cloud using Amexio Code Pipeline. Project will be created for iOS devices and the developer can download those from the Amexio Cloud and build the iOS Apps. 


More on Amexio

Amexio Canvas Features

Ui Ccomponents


Amexio Varanasi v1.0 is our first release (June 7) with almost 30 UI Components. With the v2 release in Aug 1st, we touched 50 UI Components and with v3 release we touched 70+ Components. We are planning to have around 100 UI Components by the end of this year - 2017. Checkout our RoadMap.



Charts based on Angular platform will be launched on August 17th, 2017 as part of Amexio Hampi Release v2.1.  Checkout our Roadmap for the announcement of this feature release.



Maps will help you plot your enterprise data on Maps. Checkout our Roadmap for the announcement of this feature release.



Amexio Dashboards will contain Gauges, Data Point Widgets, Data Point Charts, with built-in Dashboard Templates. Checkout our Roadmap for the announcement of this feature release.

Enterprise Edition


Enterprise Edition is classified into following categories

  • Media (Released with v3.0)
  • Health
  • E-Commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics

Themes and Responsive Design


Amexio v3.x Supports Material Design + Other themes to enhance the look and feel of your Apps. A total of 13 free themes are supported with this release.

  • 5 Material Design Themes
  • 8 Bootstrap based Themes