Amexio (Angular) UI Components

 Amexio (Angular MetaMagic EXtensions for Inputs & Outputs) is a rich set of Angular 6 components powered by HTML5 & CSS3 for Responsive Design. Amexio is completely Open Sourced and Free. It's based on Apache 2 License.

  • 130+ UI Components
  • 70+ Additional UI Features
  • Charts / Maps / Dashboard / Layouts
  • 57 Material Design Themes
  • 16 Amexio Themes
  • D3 Charts (7)
  • Drillable Charts
  • Drag and Drop Feature
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Server side Rendering

Input Components

Form fields - Text Fields, Numeric Fields, Checkbox, Radio Button, DropDown Menus, Date Picker, Time Picker, Type Ahead Text Fields etc.

With validator and warning messages. Validation based on the following attributes.

  • Min and Max values
  • Allow Blanks
  • RegEx
  • Special Field validators like (Email, Password etc)

Dropdowns with Multi Select options

Dropdowns with more control on how the selection needs to be implemented.

  • Filtering
  • Multi Select 
  • Multi Select with max limit
  • Display total items selected or selected items
  • Split Button 

Data Grid

  • Client side pagination with Previous, Next, Jump to page Features. 
  • Sorting based on String and Numeric data. 
  • Single row and Multi row selection. 
  • Hide columns, Responsive Feature for Grids
  • Tree Data Grid
  • Data Grid Grouping
  • Filters for Data Grids


  • Tree View
  • Tree with Filters
  • Tree with Checkbox
  • Tree with Templates

Carousel View / Scroll View

The ScrollView displays a collection of images or other content in a horizontal layout with built-in navigation between the items.

Good for Product catalogues with 'n' number of images to display in a scrollable fashion. 

Form Utilities

  • Progress Bar
  • Notification Messages - with various styles Info, Success, Warning, Danger.
  • Multi Selector - ItemSelector is a specialized MultiSelect field that renders as a pair of MultiSelect field, one with available options and the other with selected options. A set of buttons in between allows items to be moved between the fields and reordered within the selection


Multi Style Tab Support

  • Simple Tabs
  • Tabs with Icons
  • Closable Tabs
  • Scrollable Tabs
  • Right Tab
  • Left Tab
  • 90 degree rotated Left Tab

Windows / Cards

Basic Window

Confirm / Alert / Wait Dialog

Yes / No / Cancel Dialog

Prompt Dialog

Cards with Images

Cards with Text

Menu Bar

Application Menus based on for different options and by default Responsive in nature. 

  1. Top Menu Bar
  2. Bottom Menu Bar (Good for Smart Device Apps)
  3. Left Drawer Menu Bar
  4. Right Drawer Menu Bar


Templates are available for Grid and Tree. In Angular HTML is the language for template. Checkout the template examples in Grid View and Tree View.

Amexio Angular Charts based on Google Charts

Stacked Bar Charts

Stacked Column Charts


Line Charts

Area Charts


Combo Chart

Time Line Charts

Pie Charts

Bar Chart

Column Chart

Candle Stick Charts

Bubble Chart

Scatter Chart

Difference Scatter Chart

Amexio Plugin 4 Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Extension

Amexio Angular Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code helps the developers to fast track the Angular development using Amexio UI Components Library. 

Amexio Plugin 4 Atom Editor

Atom Editor - Extension

Amexio Angular Extension for Atom Editor helps the developers to fast track the Angular development using Amexio UI Components Library. 

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