Amexio Unified Quality Assurance Program


 Our founders have been at the forefront of technology security, governance, risk management and regulatory compliance. 

Karsh, our CTO, was the Chief Architect of Real-Time Correlation Engine and Director of a large SIEM product development company in the United States that supplied security systems and solutions to premier organizations including Bank of America, CIBC, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Dept of Energy. 

Buck, our CEO, has been a recognized GRC expert for over a decade and apart from helping customers achieve and maintain a robust security and compliance posture, works as a pro-bono advisory board member for the Rutgers University cybersecurity programs.

Ketan our CDO, is well versed in automation of quality control process in software development life cycle apart from Java / Angular based  software development. He worked for Air Canada and IBM developing Java and HTML5/Angular based Web Apps.

From this combined experience, we knew clearly that no matter how good or useful our product to your technical people, it was not going anywhere near them till it satisfied your security, risk and compliance standards. Hence, security and regulatory compliance are central, non-negotiable tenets of our product architecture and the lifecycle.  

Amexio API Quality

We take at most care in ensuring that the Amexio API development runs through the best in class quality standards in terms of Reliability, Security and Maintenance. The real time quality dashboard shows the quality of every build of Amexio. 



This section focuses on the Code Behavior perspective and ensures that the behavior is as per the specs.



This section focuses on potential weakness in the code which will help the hackers and ensure that such weakness are eliminated from the code base.



This section focuses on code simplicity and easiness to maintain. This will help updating the code with new enhancements or optimisations.