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Amexio API

Amexio API is Completely Open Source and it's Free.  It's the best UI Library based on Angular platform with highest code quality standards.  Following are the Support Subscriptions Packages available for the Enterprises.

  • Basic (Free)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

With the Open Source API based on Apache 2 License, we give free Basic support. If the enterprises need a better SLA's then they have three more choices other than the Basic (free) support. More details on the support packages are available below. 

Amexio Coins

Amexio API Support Packages are based on Amexio Coins.  There are three types of Amexio Coins. 

  1. Purchased Coins (Value equal to package cost)
  2. Bonus Coins (Additional Free Coins)
  3. Starter Coins

To know more download the Support Packages Calculator

Amexio API Support Packages. Angular UI Components, Open Source and Free.
Amexio API Support Packages. Angular UI Components, Open Source and Free.


  1. Google Meet - Webinar: It is useful for Enterprise to have a deep understanding of the new features and help the developers in version Migration process. 
  2. Enterprise Exclusive Component Base Pricing, Pricing varies based on Specs. IP Belongs to Customer and these customer specific components wont be part of Amexio API. However, the recommended model will be to bring it as part of Amexio Component Enhancement (ACE) Program for a better support in the future. 


Subscription is Valid from the date subscribed till one year.

Download the Support Pricing Calculator to have better understanding of the Support Packages.

Download Support Pricing Calculator

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